High Heal

Medical Education Programs

HighHeal is an accredited independent provider of both online and face to face continuing professional development (CPD) programs under the Royal Australian College of General Practice QI&CPD Program.

Our programs attract the best speakers and reviewers to provide quality education across a wide range of therapeutic areas for audiences of general practitioners, specialists, pharmacists, nurses and other allied health professionals.

We offer programs both nationally and internationally. We also offer a one off accreditation service.

Corporate Workshops

HighHeal additionally develops and delivers a range of workshops and services that address current and emerging issues with respect to health, wellbeing and behavioural change in the corporate arena.

All programs are based on sound medical principles/evidence and are developed in collaboration with general practitioners and key opinion leaders.   They reference actual case studies and are practical, informative and motivating.

Current workshops include

  • Corporate Behavioural Change Management
  • Employee and Customer Engagement

“If your employer offers you an interactive corporate wellness program, then sign up!”

Dr David B. Agus, Oncologist. 
Professor of Medicine and Engineering University of Southern California.